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Local Tracks

Southern California plays host to some of the world’s best motocross parks. There are 10 Motocross Parks open throughout the week and all within a one hours drive of CMH. Most facilities have different tracks for riding age groups and abilities. Each track is groomed to perfection for your day’s practice. So when you add into the mix the year round sunshine this part of the world has, you truly have “rider’s paradise”.

Milestone MX

Milestone Ranch MX Park, Inc. is a new MX Park located in the Riverside area of Southern California.


Perris Raceway

The oldest motorcycle track in California. The track has always been a favorite of the locals, and on any given practice session, you will see several of the top rate pro’s practicing. And now, with the track under the new ownership, you can expect even better things!


Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge MX Park is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm.
This is a real outdoor track built on a natural layout with elevation changes, nice sized jumps, off cambered corners and a 2 minute 30 second lap time.


Glen Helen

Best known as the track that hosts the opening round of the AMA outdoor series. This track has a mixture of sand, hard pack and loam, up hills, down hills and not forgetting the infamous Talladega first turn.

Welcome to another action-packed season at Glen Helen Raceway, host of some of the most exciting racing in Southern California and home to the greatest race fans in the world!


Pala Raceway

Opened in 2009 this new facility is set on 240 acres and currently has 3 tracks open with at least 2 more under construction. Each track is very different to the next ranging from a fun sand track to a full on 2 minute high speed outdoor track.

Pala Raceway focuses heavily on the motocross community by trying to provide the best facility possible. Pala Raceway offers four full size motocross tracks ranging in difficulty and experience level for every participant. Pala Raceway also has three tracks for mini motorcycles, giving the kids ample room and time to develop into confident riders that can navigate the adult tracks.


Cahuilla Creek

Cahuilla Creek MX park is REAL motocross. A professionally maintained outdoor style motocross park is your track for real motocross. We have 3 tracks to suit every riding level. A family atmosphere where you can have fun, from beginners to pros.


Starwest MX

“Southern Californias premiere motocross park”
With mellow jumps, bowl corners and prepped to perfection twice daily this is a favorite with novice jumpers looking to build their confidence and pros looking to perfect that scrubbing technique.


Lake Elsinore

Open 364 days a year – closed christmas – 8am to dusk every day